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Burris Environmental Solutions

An environmental consulting group striving to give you (the client) the answers to your questions in real-time, whenever possible.

Most facilities need an expert to answer compliance questions “right now,” or for short, critical periods of time. When you contact Burris Environmental Solutions, you’ll have direct access to the broad knowledge of regulations, in-depth regulatory, legal, and permitting knowledge, plus years of practical experience. A consultant “Senior Certified” in all three media by the Texas environmental governing agencies will help you get the RIGHT ANSWERS – RIGHT NOW! A Priceless Service!


Burris Environmental Solutions knows that environmental compliance never makes money,
but if done with STRATEGY, it can save your facility significant amounts of money.

  • Real-time answers

    We know that the faster you have the answers to your facility or field operation's questions of whether they can or cannot do something, the faster the facility can put action into motion. In order to provide this service, we visit your facility for an initial 2-hour free of charge, familiarization of site, operations, and personnel. After that, answers are just a phone call away, with the written regulatory rule cite supporting those answers to follow.
  • Strategically-Gained Permits (Permits = Money)

    Most facilities take the path of waiting for large permits to be granted before the site can generate a revenue stream. However, little-known strategies of air permitting can legally allow facilities to generate a partial revenue stream while waiting for a permit. We can explore those options with you.
  • Waste Vendor Background Checks/Vendor Site Audits

    Waste vendors should be chosen with great care, as choosing a vendor that is not allowed to receive your type of waste, then they take it, is a criminal offense, indictable for you and the waste vendor. Choosing a vendor that is riddled with compliance violations and legal actions could pull your company into the disposal vendor’s legal liabilities. We have a standardized background check that can evaluate whether your waste vendor is appropriate for your type of waste, and has an appropriate level of liability, compliance-wise and financially.
  • Site Audits

    Do you know all the environmental regulations that apply to your site? Most consultants know only one of the three media, as spending the time and effort to become a subject matter expert (SME) in Air, Water, and Waste is time- and effort-consuming. We are the rarity by being an expert in all three. As a multi-media expert, we can also look at your site with the “Big Picture” in mind to see opportunities for waste and resource reduction that you might not be seeing. Check out our “Successes” link for examples.
  • Processes – Writing, Implementing

    Is your operations staff making the same mistakes over and over? Process writing and implementing is the first step in conquering the “Nobody told me…” issue. Most companies intend to put “Processes” in place, but never have the time. Burris consultants have the background knowledge on most industries to be able to start the process of customizing written processes from an enhanced position, well past the “Tell me what your company does…” point. After Processes are written and approved by you, the client, you have the option to have the Processes implemented through formal or informal training sessions.
  • Required Training

    Certain regulations require specific training. Do your employees have each specific training required for their jobs? With all of the regulations in Air, Water, and Waste, why waste employees’ time learning regulations that will never apply at your site? We have the credentials to create and teach the training required by regulations, but specific to the operations that apply specifically to your site!
  • Competencies

    Raise your company’s standards by implementing environmental “Competencies.” We can help by identifying each environmental employee’s job responsibilities, identifying the consistent content necessary for training, then establishing written tests to prove your staff is properly trained or periodic on-site assessments.

Our goal is to be your facility’s expert when you need the answers RIGHT NOW!